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If you are an enterprise level company looking to replace your old fax solution and streamline your process, we have a solution for you. with Cloud Fax is transforming day-to-day workflows for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. As well as helping save the planet (enough of a reason to switch from manual faxing alone, in our opinion), Cloud Fax services can benefit businesses in a number of ways. While not an exhaustive list, the following benefits should provide a convincing introduction.

Cloud Fax has several advantages over traditional faxing methods. Cloud fax is an inherently secure method for sending sensitive information – unlike email. Thanks to a host of physical, organizational and the technical measures, you can rest assured that any personal data will remain secure.

Cut costs

The initial outlay for a manual fax machine may seem relatively low, but the costs rarely end there. Used regularly in a busy workplace, the cost of paper, toner and ink, not to mention software updates, fax lines, and maintenance fees can all add up over time. These costs can also be unpredictable and come without warning – who knows when a machine might break down – which makes budgeting all the more difficult. Conversely, cloud fax services generally run on a fixed, usage-based monthly subscription, including support, making for a cost-effective, surprise-free solution. Also, because faxes are sent, received and stored digitally in the cloud, no physical space is required on the office floor, meaning more room for staff.

Improve security

Paper-based fax is inherently insecure, due to risks from human error, physical thefts, and hackers. Whatsmore, paper pages can easily wind up misplaced, and as such, pose a higher risk of a security breach. These are all risks that businesses can not afford to take. Secure Cloud Fax services mitigate this risk by protecting information, by encrypting data and storing it in secure data centers. Security is paramount for all businesses, particularly those that operate in closely regulated industries and handle sensitive information. For healthcare organizations specifically, it is essential that assurances are obtained about a vendor’s commitment to HIPAA compliance, before entering into a contract.

Streamline workflows

With more and more people working from home and not everyone having the luxury of a home office, fax machines and their accompanying supplies can be a bulky and impractical use of space. The physical nature of a traditional fax machine also makes it an impractical barrier for carrying out business across multiple locations.Cloud fax enables businesses to work securely and efficiently across multiple documents, devices, and locations. Documents can be annotated, digitally signed and filed within a single application, streamlining workflows and productivity across large groups. While it is possible to transmit documents via traditional fax or email, these are often less reliable and carry security vulnerabilities.


Once your local fax number is setup you will access the web portal at with your username and secure password.

Benefits at a glance

  • Users have total access to send, receive and monitor fax requests over a secure IP-enabled network
  • Reduced error rates and a higher percentage of successful transmissions
  • Use their own DID with Carolina Digital Phone
  • Support remote fax machines behind analog lines with FaxBridge devices


  • Highly reliable (which leads to higher ROI)
  • Shorter call duration Reduced error rates which equates to a higher percentage of successful transmissions
  • Shortest/fewest hops with the highest percentage of reliability for a successful transmission
  • Redundant On-NET MPLS direct connections to telecom providers

Cool user interface

  • Easy to manage
  • Easy administration
  • Cross browser and tablet friendly

Cool user interface

  • Fax status
  • Real time notification of fax status
  • Verification of successful delivery
  • Queue monitoring

Email integration

  • Fax to email
  • Integrates with Outlook or any standard email client

Flexible document conversion

  • All common office document formats
  • Print client features (send directly from the document you’re working on)

Flexible document conversion

  • Storage of transmissions
  • Access to historical faxes
  • Flexible searching (tags & filtering)


  • Encrypted transmission and document transfer
  • Secure connections to public fax machines via FaxBridge
  • Secure web portal (cloud services behind a firewall

Fax machine integration via FaxBridge

  • Deliver faxes to and from fax machines without an analog line
  • HTTPS fax protocol for enhanced security
  • Designed for internet connected sites over broadband
  • Firewall safe design implementation
  • Supports industry standard fax machines

Cloud Faxing Service Pricing

Contact us at (336) 544-4000 for pricing.

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